From basic forms to more sophisticated ones, all united under the same principle - the FOLD.

Folds is a young design practice founded by Anja Mencinger and Nikolaj Salaj. A Copenhagen - Ljubljana based creative alliance that is guided by an ongoing interest in making extraordinary objects.

The Founders

A few years ago we got the opportunity to work with a metal processing company. At the workshop presentation we realized that the only two techniques they were using were laser cutting and folding of metal sheets. That was when the idea for the FOLDS product line came up, made exclusively using these two manufacturing principles.

From Idea to a Brand

FOLDS today stands for a collaboration between young designers and small to medium scale manufacturers with the ambition to create a dialogue between applied arts and local productions. Our network spreads among a variety of contributors aimed at enhancing elements of productive and sustainable wider-community.

Our Vision

Sustainability is an important part of our designs. FOLDS products are made entirely out of metals and metal alloys. These are the only materials that can be recycled indefinitely without the reduction of material quality. More than half of materials we use come from recycled resources.